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Eligibility ends at age ___ unless the child is a full time student and then eligibility ends at age ____
Reserve forces are covered when ordered to active duty for more than ___.
30 days
Dependent parents and parents-in-law are only eligible for?
Tricare plus
Which program is the most flexible and is a fee for service option.
Tricare standard
Which program allows benefiiciaries to self refer to specialists.
Tricare standard
What is the catastrophic cap for active duty family's? and for everyone else?
$1000 for active duty $3000 for everyone else.
Active duty family members pay ___% of charges. Retirees pay ___% of charges under Standard
What program allows Tricare Prime enrollees to see specialists without a referrel from their PCM
Cost share for POS option is ___%
Enrollment fee for retired Tricare Prime candidates is $___ for individual and $___
What is Tricare Prime?
Managed care option, similar to a civilian HMO.
Active duty member are required to be inrolled in?
Tricare Prime
How far away does the MTF have to be for the members to qualify for Tricare Remote.
50 miles or an hour's drive.
In which three Overseas areas is Tricare Prime offered?
Europe Pacific Latin America/Canada
Who can use Tricare Extra?
Eligible beneficiary, who is not active duty otherwise inrolled in Prime and not eligible for Tricare for Life.
When does Tricare Extra go into effect?
When a Standard beneficiary chooses to make an appointment with a tricare network provider.
What is Tricare Standard?
The basic TRICARE health programoffering comprehensive health care coverage for people not enrolled in Prime.
Standard offers?
The greatest flexibility in choosing a provider. Involves greater out of pocket expense for the patient.
Standard member are required to pay for?
A yearly deductible Co-payments Medications Outpatient care Inpatient care
What is Tricare for Life?
A Medicare wrap around coverage.
Who is eligible for Tricare for Life?
Medicare entitled uniform service retirees. (retired guard members and reservists) Medicare entitled familiy members and widows/widowers(dependant parents and parents-in-laws are excluded) Medicare entitled Congressional Medal of Honor recipents and their family members Certan medicare-entitled unremarried former spouses.
To be eligible for Tricare for life you must enroll in?
Medicare Part B
Reserve Component members are eligible for Tricare Prime Remote if activated for more than_________ days?
30 consecutive days.
Eligible Reserve Component members are entitled up to ______ days of Tricare benefits prior to moblization?
This is a premium based health plan for eligible Reserve Component members
Tricare reserve select
Eligible Reserve Component members are entitle up to ____ days of coverage following separation from active duty
The reserve Family demonstration Project has benn extended until?
31 OCT 2007.
Overseas Healthcare has what two Tricare Benefits?
Tricare Prime Tricare Standard
Military retirees and their families who live overseas are eligible for?
Tricare Standard.
The new medication drug prescription coverage became effective________.
JAN 1st 2006
What is TRICARE?
DOD's worldwide health care program for active duty and retired uniformed services members and their families.
TRICARE PRIME is similar to what civilian health care organization?
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Who are ENCOURAGED to enroll in TRICARE PRIME, but not required?
Active duty family members, reitirees and their family members
If enrollment for TRICARE PRIME and TPR/TPRADFM is received by the 20th of the month, when will become effective?
The first of the following month.
A) If an individual disenrolls from TRICARE PRIME, how long would he/she have to wait before he/she can enroll again? B) What paygrade does this apply to mainly?
A) 12 months. B) E-5 and above.
Active duty members are illegible for which option(s)?
TRICARE Extra and TRICARE Standard
Of TRICARE Extra and TRICARE Standard, which is a preferred provider option (PPO)? fee-for-service option?
TRICARE Extra and TRICARE Standard, respectively.
Beneficiaries age 65 and over become eligible for Medicare Part A, they can use ________ if they purchase _________
TRICARE For Life; Medicare Part B
When does eligibility status end for children (stepchildren as well)?
-Children reach 21 y.o. -If they are full-time student, eligibility ends at 23 y.o. -When full-time student status end -If a child is past 21 y.o., but incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical incapacity
How long do reserve component members must stay on active duty in order to be eligible for TRICARE? And, what type of order must they possess?
30 Days and they must have Federal orders