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what disease do Shigella cause
Bacillary dysentery, severe cramping, abdominal pain, and diarrhea with blood and mucous
PAthogenesis mode of activity in Shigella
Invasion of mucosal cells in distal Ileum and colon

As few as 200 organisms are able to cause disease
Gram/morphology of Shigella
Gram negative rods
TSI results of Shigella
K slant, A butt
H2S production in Shigella
Growth pattern on MacConkey
no lactse fermentation, colorless colonies
motility of Shigella
Gas from glucose feremntation (Shigella)
Virulence factors of Shigella
O antigens divided into A,B,C,D

Heat labile Shiga neurotoxin (produced by S. dysenteriae
What is the mode of avtivity for Shiga neurotoxin
A subunit - inhibits protein synthesis, alters ability to transport electrolytes, neurotoxic acitivty (convulsions-coma)
5 B subunits - binds toxin to suscpetible cells
How is Shigellosis spread
person to person, with asymptomatic carriers

day cares, hospitals, ccruise ships
Prevention and control of shigellosis
isolate and treat active cases
hygiene, sewage disposal, chlorinated H2O
Good tests to differentiate S. sonnei from other Shigella
Ornithine Dec +
INdole -
Good tests to differentiate S. dysenteriae from other Shigella
Mannitol -
Good tests to differentiate S. flexneri
Raffinose Delayed