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Contraindications to PT (big 4 and other 4)
1. Poor neural function
2. Impaired circulation
3. Too little vascularity (young)
4. unhealty vascularity (old)
5. Growth plates
6. Fetuses
7. cancers
8. Infection
Indications for PT (5)
1. Pain
2. Healing
3. Edema
4. Spasm
5. Rehab / strengthen
Before begining PTs you would inspect for (5) items
1. Scars
2. Rashes
3. Lesions
4. Trophic change
5. Circulatory compromise
Before begining any modality you would need to palpate for (5) items
1. Edema
2. Heat
3. Sensory deficits
4. Boney prominences
5. The correct area
Indications for ice massage (therapeutic ice)
Superficial, recurring inflammation (itises)
Indications for Ultrasound
Edema aka subacute (after 72hrs)
healing or chronic (soften old skin, scars)
Set up for Ultrasound for edema
Tx time: 4-6 minutes
Duty cycle: 50% or pulsed
Intensity .5-1 thin or 1-1.5 thick
Set up for Ultrasound for healing (chronic)
Tx time: 8-10 minutes
Duty cycle 100% or CW
intensity 1-1.5 or 1.5-2
To set up Ultrasound in the water you would set up for healing or edema and add ___ to intensity
.5 watt/sqcm
VMS cycle times
10/10= acute
5/5= chronic
4/12= begin rehab

always on CV
True IFC ranges
1-10 chronic (endorphin production)
1-15 edema
80-120 acute (enk production)
1-150 subacute
50 or 2500 muscle contraction
4000 nerve block hyper acute (vector off)
Russian stem cycle time