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What is a phase response curve?
a way of working out how much of a phase delay or a phase advance one can expect by using timed light therapy.
To get the most phase delay or phase advance when does the light need to be given?
Straight before or straight after the Tmin will result in a phase delay or advance. Must be very careful or else you can have opposite effect to what you want.
What were the findings regarding using aerobic exercise to phase delay the CBT of early awakening insomniacs?
Aerobic exercise early in the evening helps to phase delay the Tmin. It could be that a bath will do the same thing.
What is melatonin?
A chemical secreted by the pineal gland. It can be stopped by bright light and its effects are the opposite to bright light.
How effective is melatonin?
Subtle. Again, must be given at the righttime for a particular effect.
If melatonin is given between 6-9pm what effect will it have?
to phase advance the circ rythm
if melatonin is given during the dark period before dawn?
phase delay the circ rhythm.
What would be the best best combo?
Bright light therapy and melatonin given together at different times to phase delay or phase advance.
Hypnotic drugs. What are the disadvantages?
only provide temp relief
given to the elderly, will increase motor impairment, affect memory, daytime alertness
If johnny was phase delayed, and did not go to bed until 1pm, what could be done to retrain him to the normal circ time?
give him melatonin between 6-9pm. Give bright light treatment AFTER Tmin.
Jetlag is what?
a result of lack of sleep on the plane and having a circadian rhythm entrained to a different time zone.
How long does it last?
From a few days to a few weeks.
To overcome jetlag when you reach London at 6am what should you do?
go out in the sunlight and stay there until past your low point in the midpm. try to stay awake until 9pm. On 2ndday get up normal time and go out in sun again.
What does sunlight do?
it stops the melatonin from being secreted by the pineal gland and will help to keep your metabolism going.
How many days of jetlag for each hour of time zone change?
Which is easier, eastwards or westwards?
Westwards is easier as you adject to a phase delay better than a phase advance. This is particularly good for a young person with an endogenous circ length of longer than 24hrs.
Dos areobic exercise for at least half an hour in the morning or evening change the biological clock?
there is some evidence, yes.
What was the evidence?
that in those who ran in the evening, urine production was delayed by around 2 hrs compared to the morning running group
Do hypnotic drugs change the biological clock?
Does getting up earlier in the morning and going to bed later change your biological clock?
DOes getting up earlier and exposing yourself to sunlight change your clock?
What is the inflection point