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Class 1 means:
an explosive which is divided into six divisions
Division 1.1 consists of:
explosives that have a mass explosion hazard
Division 1.2 consists of:
explosives that have a projection hazard but not a mass explosion hazard
Division 1.3 consists of:
explosives that have a fire hazard and either a minor blast hazard or a minor projection hazard or both, but not a mass explosion hazard
Division 1.4 consists of:
explosives that present a minor explosion hazard
Division 1.5 consists of:
very insensitive explosives
Division 1.6 consists of:
extremely insensitive articles which do not have a mass explosive hazard
Class 2 consists of:
three divisions of gases- flammable gas, non-flammable gas, and poisonous gas
Division 2.1 consists of:
flammable gas
Division 2.2 consists of:
non-flammable gas
Division 2.3 consists of:
gas poisonous by inhalation
Class 3 is a:
flammable liquid
Class 4 is a:
flammable solid consisting of three divisions
Division 4.1 means:
any of the following three types of materials, wetted explosives, self-reactive materials, readily combustible solids
Division 4.2 means:
spontaneously combustible
Division 4.3 means:
dangerous when wet material
Class 5 consists of two divisions:
Division 5.1 is an oxidizer &
Division 5.2 is organic peroxide
Class 6 consists of two divisions:
Division 6.1 poisonous material &
Division 6.2 infectious substance
Class 7 is a:
radioactive material
Class 8 is a:
corrosive material
Class 9 is a:
miscellaneous hazardous material