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An .... happens when a car hits a bicyclist
an accident
you call 101 when this happened
When you drive the car into a wall, there will be a lot of ...... to your car.
things that are broken
Did you cause the accident? No, it wasn't my .......
I didn't do it on purpose
in this street you cannot drive in both directions.
a one-way street
there is only one direction
you use this thing to make a left or a right turn
a steering wheel
the first two letters are the same in Dutch
A ..... stands in front of my door. It' s not too dark now when I get home late in the evening.
A light shines ..
What's the .... for this car? It is too expensive for you!
How much does it cost?
This bus has two floors!
A double decker.
You have to use the stairs to go to the top floor of this bus.
This is the place where people wait for the train in a railway station.
A platform.
I will draw you the .... This will help you to get to my house.
which way to go
Another word for the London Underground.
the Tube
Think about toothpaste...