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What do A and B (blood type) genes encode?
glycosyltransferases that convert the glycolipids on erythrocytes to A or B antigens
Describe Major Transfusion Reaction
destruction of introduced RBC by pre-existing antibodies or complement
where are ABO antigens present?
RBC's and solid organs
Where is Rh found?
Protein found almost exclusively on RBCs
Why does Rh Rejection happen, but no ABO rejection during pregnancy?
Rh is protein, induces secondary response, IgG (crosses placenta); ABO antigens are sugars, induce weak T-independent Bcell response, no isotype switching, IgM which doesn’t cross placenta
3 types of MHC Matching
Serological typing w/ many different monoclonal antibodies, DNA/PCR typing, Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction
How do you do Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction?
mix lymphos from both individuals, MHCII from one individual will stimulate strong proliferation in lymphos, mease relative increase in proliferation
Disadvantage of Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction?
results take 5 days, by then cadaveric organs will have died
What is Cross-Matching?
Patient's serum mixed with donor's cells and cytotoxicity determined, for hyperacute rejection