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ATC Equation
ATC = TTC (allocated)- Committed Uses
How is TTC determined?
TTC is determined through peer-reviewed engineering studies using the WECC Reliability Criteria for Transmission System Planning
Committed Uses Formula
TRM + Existing Transmission Commitments (incl. CBM)
Transmission Reliability Margin
Capacity Benefit Margin
What does 'Committed Uses' include?
Forecasted Monthly Peaks and Forecated Preschedule Hourly Schedules for Native Load, Network Load, and Long Term Point-to-Point Transmission Reservations and Existing Transmission Contracts.
Scheduling horizon
Real-Time - initially calculates after the Daily initialize runs at noon and then goes from the current hour plus 8 hours. In addition an Hourly Initialize runs between the top of the hour and 10 minutes after the top of the hour extending of sliding out one hour at a time during real time.
Operating Horizon
Preschedule - A daily initialize runs at noon each day and runs to the end of the Preschedule day per the WECC Preschedule day per the WECC Preschedule calendar.
Planning Horizon
Future beyond the Preschedule out through 10 years.