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What happened that makes you feel (construct)?
behavioral events triggering labeling
What does (person) do that leads you to believe (construct)?
behavioral incidents leading to construct label
I'm not sure I understand, can you describe for me some examples of (construct)?
elicit behavioral description of construct
In what situations does this (construct) occur? [If more than one situation] Which concerns you more?
contextual variables influencing the label of construct
Where did you learn about (construct)?
source of information for the label
What do (you, others) do that prompted you to use that word to describe (yourself, others)?
elicit behavioral description of label
What led you to consult that source?
contextual variables influencing help seeking or understanding
What led you to see (yourself, others) as (construct)?
contextual variables influencing application of label
Is it what the person says or what he does? Or...

Is it what you think or what you do?
clarification of variables most disturbing to the person
Is it what he says or how he says it?
Is it that you think this or the way you think it?
clarifying variables most disturbing to the person
What are you (feeling word) about? What happened to make you feel this way?
behavioral incidents associated with affect
Because of (construct) you are doing what that causes you distress?
clarification of actions causing distress
Because of (construct) he/she is doing what that causes you distress?
clarification of behaviors leading to distress
If you were to do X (or stop doing Y) would that make a significant difference?
clarification of what changes would be valued
In order to make a just noticable difference in (construct), what could you (or others) do differently?

What could you start or stop doing that would make things noticable different?
clarifying desired change