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check 21
law that was passed that says checks can clear right away (money is taken out of your account immediately)
float time
the time between when a check is written and when the money is taken out of your account
debit card
card you use to pay for something where money is taken out of your account right away; also called "check card" or "cash card"
check card
card that acts the same as a check; money is taken out of your account right away
credit card
card you use to buy something on credit; you don't pay for the item(s) until the bill comes
a piece of paper you use to pay bills or buy items
check register
where you keep track of checks you write, deposits, and withdrawls
cash card
card from your bank that allows you to get money from an ATM
Automatic Tellar Machine
cash machine
machine that lets you take money out of your account