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Peplau, Hildegard
Theme- Interpersonal and goal oriented

Practice- Interventions centered toward developing pts. personality for productive personal and commuity living
Henderson, Virginia
Theme- pt. is indiivdual- help reach independence
Practice-autuonomuos nsg functions, self help concepts
Leininger, Madeline
Theme-caring central theme, knowledge and practice

Practice-transcultural care- improves human conditions and life processes
Orem, Dortothea
Theme-self care human need and deficits require nsg actions

Practice- nsg is human service and nurses design interventions for self care to manage, sustain or recover from illness
Rogers, Martha
Theme- science of unitary human beings
Practice-interventions centered on repatterning human environment fields or assisting in mobilizing self
Roy, SR Callista
Theme-adaptation model, role function and interdepedence
Practice- nsg interventions are required when there is a demonstration of ineffective adaptive reponses
Watson, Jean
Theme- human caring, promoting restoring health and caring for the sick

Practice-holistic to pomote humanism and quality of living, caring universal practiced through interpersonal relationships
King, Imogene
Theme- goal attainment, nurse and pt. act, react and transact
Practice- nsg. process of human interactions, nurses and pts. communicate to set goals
Newman, Margaret
Theme- systems model, total person approach to help groups attatain and maintain wellness

Practice- care directed toward reducing stress and risk that contribute that affects optimal pt. functions