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What is the effect of DNA methylation on transcription? How?
inhibition by stopping proteins from binding
There are 2 models for chromatin regulation during transcription initiation. 1. What is the first step?
2. What is the next steps of both models?
1. HAT and chromatin remodelers to remodel chromatin
2. Model 1: histone eviction, initiation complex binds

Model 2: Partial initiation complex, histone eviction, and Pol II and TFIIH join to complete the complex
What are the two proteins involved in histone remodeling? Explain their function
FACT: composed of SSRP1 and Spt16.
-removes H2A/B dimer
-destabilizes nucleosomes
-allows RNAPII to traverse nucleosome

SWR1: ATPase, exchange H2A for H2AZ(variant), which prevents spread of heterochromatin and gene silencing
What are the features of chromatin when it is active/inactive wrt conformation, DNA methylation, histone acetylation
active chromatin: open, extended confomation, unmethylated promoter, acetylated histones

inactive chromatin, highly condensed, methylated promoter, deacetylated histones
Which histones are known to be modified in transcription? How are they modified?
H2B Ub and H3 methylation
Acetylations on K9/14 on H3 recruit which protein for transcription?
What are the TFs involved with RNAP II?
What is the difference between rho dependent and rho independent termination?
rho dependent- pol pauses at terminator, rho catches up. Rho unwinds RNA/DNA hybrid and terminates

rho independent- hairpin in RNA forms, pausing the RNAP, destabilizes RNA/DNA, falls off
How is transcription terminated in RNAP I, II and III?
See last 3 slides of handout
What is U1 responsible for in splicing? How does it do it?
U1 defines 5' splice junction by base complementarity
What is U2 responsible for in splicing? How does it do it?
U2 defines the branchpoint A by base complementarity
What does Slu7 and U2AF do?
Select the 3' splice site (splice acceptor site)