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Expedient (n, adj.)
A means to an end, practical, often with connotation of practical as opposed to principle
Inexpedient (adj.)
Impractical, not an effective way of getting things done
Alacrity (n.)
Cheerful willingness, eagerness; speed of complying
To Become (v.)
Becoming (adj.)
To be appropriate or suitable to, to show a person to advantage either physically or socially or morally
Fain (adj.)
Reminiscence (n.)
A remembered experience, the act of thinking or telling about a past experience
Redress (n./v.)
To set right, to remedy or rectify, to make amends to or for, to set straight; transitive verb: you redress a grievance
Eradicate (v.)
To completely eliminate, remove forever, to tear up by the roots
Mean/ness (adj./n.)
Small-spirited or small-minded or lacking in imagination
Penitent (adj.)
Feeling sorry for sin or wrongdoing, repentant
Scourge (n./v.)
In general, a cause of affliction, calamity, punishment or torture; more specifically can describe a whip or a lash
Transgress (v.)
To violate a law
Impetuous (adj.)
Impulsive, forceful, when you don't think before you act but rush right into something
To avail oneself of (v.)
To take advantage of (in a positive sense), make use of
Set at naught (v.)
To devalue, to consider worthless, value as nothing
Absolve (v.)
To free from guilt or blame or from a duty
Wont to (adj.)
Habitual or customary
Importune (v.)
To bother someone by interrupting them and asking for their attention
Titular (adj.)
In title
Ephemeral (adj.)
Short-lived, brief, fleeting
Capitulate (v.)
To give in to, to yield, to surrender
Reverence (n.)
A deep admiration for something, hint of worshipful
Extemporaneous (adj.)
Immprovised, on the spot, not fully controlled/planned
Cognizant (adj.)
Aware of, conscious of
Moratorium (n.)
A pause in activities, usually one mandated by an authority or law
Appraisal (n.)
Appraise (v.)
A valuation of something or consideration of its plusses and minuses
Gadfly (n.)
An irritating pest that won't leave someone alone
Estrangement (n.)
Estranged (adj.)
Feeling like a stranger to a situation or relationship; feeling alienated
Rabid (adj.)
Fanatically passionate about something
Sublime (adj.)
Grand in though, emotion, or feeling, so grand that it feels almost divine
Paternalistic (adj.)
Of or like a father; an attitude of treating someone like they are your child and you are daddy and know best
Precipitate (v.)
To throw or hurl; to cause suddenly to occur, to trigger an event
Pilgrimage (n.)
Journey to a sacred place
Decorum (n.)
Decorous (adj.)
Proper behavior or rules
Sanctity (n.)
Holiness or sacredness, purity
Exude (v.)
To ooze out, to spread out in all directions from, to display clearly as a prominent characteristic
Terrestrial (adj.)
Pertaining to the earth, also used to talk about mundane, worldly, down-to-earth topics as opposed to celestial or heavenly topics
Spartan (adj.)
Self-disciplined; tough, simple and unadorned, sparse, not possessing luxuries or frills or anything unnecessary
Superfluous (adj.)
Excessive quantity of something, extravagant, wasteful
Insensible (adj.)
Imperceptible, not picked up by the senses (NOT stupid or senseless)