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What FM covers "Training the Force"?
FM 7-0
Why does the Army Exist?
To serve the nation, to deter war and if deterence fails to win in combat
What is the purpose of Army training?
To produce competent confident soldiers and leaders prepared to fight and win our nations battles
What is JIM training and what is its purpose?
JIM is Joint Interagency Multinational training, to prepare the Army to execute missions as part of a joint force
What are the 3 core domains that shape the critical learning experiences throughout a soldiers career?
Operational/Institutional/ Self Development
What are the ten principles of training?
Commanders are responsible for training
NCOs train individuals, teams
Train as a combined arms team
train for proficienct
train to standard
train to adapt
train to maintain and sustain
train using multiechelon tech
train to sustain proficiency
train and develop leaders
NCOs are responsible for conducting standards based, performance oriented, battle focused training. What are the 3 steps to accomplishing this?
Identify battle tasks from units METL
Plan, Prepare, rehearse, and execute training
Evaluate training and conduct AARs
What is the fundamental basis for the organization and operation of Army forces?
Combined arms
What is the goal of all army training?
Achieve the standard
Train as you fight means integrating realistic combat conditions into peacetime training. What are some examples of this?
Imperfect Intelligence (DURRR) reduced commo, nBC environs, Loss of leaders, noise, smoke, debris
Training must conform to doctrine, what FM provides the doctrinal foundation for this?
FM 3-0 OPS
What tools are used to help achieve and sustain collective and indvidual proficiency?
Mission training plans, and the Individual training and evalutaion program
What is the band of excellence?
It is the range of proficiency within which a unit is capable of executing its wartime METL
Effective training requires the continuos personal time and energy of senior leaders to accomplish what 10 objectives?
Develop and Commo a clear vision
Train 1 down and 2 up
Soldiers must understand their role
All elements must know their METL
Develop Soldiers
Explain top-down/bottom-up approach to training?
Where the CO at the top provide training focus, direction and resources, and the Junior leaders at the bottom provide feedback, ID specific training needs, and execute training
What is meant by battle focus?
It is a concept used to derive peacetime training requirements from assigned and anticipated missions
What are the steps of the Army Training Managements Cycle?
Plan, execute, and assess
What is considered the begining and the end of the training management cycle?
What is METL?
Mission Essential Task List
A list of tasks which must be successfully performed if an organization is to accomplish its wartime mission
What are the 5 primary inputs of METL?
Wartime plans/ Enduring combat capabilities/ operational environ/ directed missions/ external guidance
Which of the 5 primary inputs is most critical?
War time mission
The operational environ has 6 dimensions. What are they?
Threat/political/unified action/land combat ops/technology
What are directed missions?
Missions ranging from Combat ops to humanitarian mission
What are external directives?
Additional sources of training tasks that relate to an organizations wartime missions
What are the 5 fundamentals of METL Development?
METL is derived from wartime missions and external directives/ METL must apply to the entire organization/ METL must support the next higher organizations METL/METL is not affected by the availability of resources/ Fully integrate the 7 systems of BOS
What are the 7 systems of BOS? What does BOS stand for?
Battlefield Operating System/ intelligence/maneuver/fire support/ air defense/ mobility/ CSS/ command and control
Who is responsible for the training programs compliance with the units METL?
the CO
Which tasks within METL should be given priority?
There should be no attempt to prioritize METL all tasks are equally important
A training objective consists of what 3 parts?
What is a battle task?
A Mission essential task assigned of a subordinate unit that is critical to the next higher units METL accomplishment
At the start of the training planning process the CO has 2 primary inputs?
METL and Training assessment
What is a training assessment?
A tool for measuring a units level of proficiency with the desired level of proficiency
When should the training assessment be updated?
At the begining of each long-range and short-range training planning cycle
COs assess current METL task proficiency by rating each task, what are the ratings?
P-needs practice
What is a COs training vision?
the CO broad concept for training the achieve wartime proficiency
What are the 3 key elements that shape a COs training vision?
Understanding of training doctrine/ assessment of METL proficiency/ Knowledge of enemy capabilities
Through the training planning process, the COs guidance is melded together with the METL and the training assessment to make what?
Training plans
What are the 3 types of training plans?
long range(one year)/ short range(3 months)/ near term (8 weeks)
What does CTC do and what are its 4 components?
Army Combat training Centers
National training center/ Combat Maneuver training center/ joint readiness training center/ battle command training center
What is QTG? What is QTB?
Quarterly training Guide
Quarterly training Brief
Training schedules are developed at what level? and approved at what level?
Company/ Battalion
All good training reagardless of the training require what 3 elements?
Adequate prep
Effective presentation and practice
Thorough evaluation
What is the best way to describe properly presented and pratical training?
It is accurate, well structured, efficient, realistic, safe and effective
What are the different types of training evaluation?
Formal, informal, internal, external
What is T&EO?
Training and Evaluation Outline
What is meant by the Warrior Ethos?
It is the unyielding desire to accomplish the mission and selfless commitment to the nation, mission, unit and fellow soldiers
What is meant by mentorship?
It refers to a voluntary developmental relationship that exists between an experienced soldier and a less experienced soldier based on trust and respect