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The federal law which deals with the registration, distribution, and use of persticides is known as the?
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
The DOT requires that all drivers of vehicles transporting FUMIGANTS?
Hold a class-1 drivers license (CDL)
The federal law which deals w/ the registration, distribution, and use of pesticides is administered by which agency?
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Commercial and Private Applicators are certified for?
5 years
Records of pesticide applications are required to be kept for at least?
Three years
The first step to controlling a spill is to?
Isolate the spilled material (contain it)
If pesticide is splashed in your eyes, you should?
Rinse your eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes
Pesticides should be mixed and loaded?
In a well lighted and well ventilated area
When hauling a small pesticide container in a truck, the container must be?
Fastened down and hauled in the back of the truck (not the cab)
Calibration is?
Setting the speed and pressure of application
An adjuvant is chemical added to pesticide to?
Improve its performance
Pesticides are chemicals used to?
Attract or repel insects; control, destroy, or prevent pests; and regulate plant growth or remove leaves.
Aplicator/ operator footware?
Must be capable of repeling pesticide liquids
Specific letters which appear as part of a pesticide trade name, such as "EC", "G", or"WP", refer to the?
Formulation of the pesticide
A pesticide product whose label includes the letter "G" in its trade name, such as "Ficam 2.5 G", is intended to be applied?
As packaged, undiluted
The letter "D" on a pesticide product's label n its trade name, such as "Malathion 5 D", means the product is?
A dust to be used as packaged
When a pesticide label has a skull and crossbones symbol on it, the label also has a specific signal word. That signal word is?
A pesticide which could cause some specific human injury, or environmental damage, even when used as directed, is specifically labeled. It's category of usage is?
Restricted Use
The term "LD50" means the dose or amount of pesticide which, when eaten or absorbed kills 50% of?
A large number of test animals
Volatility means?
Changing from a solid or liquid, to a gas.
Which of the following is a chlorinated hydrocarbon?
Which of the following pesticides is an inorganic?
Which pesticide listed below is most persistent in the environment?