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Phoebus and Boreas
La Fontaine
The Stone
Wilifrid Wilson Gibson
The Fox and the Woodcutter
A Poison Tree
William Blake
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
William Wordsworth
The Crazy Woman
Gwendolyn Brooks
Lisel Mueller
To Julia de Burgos
Julia de Burgos
One Perfect Rose
Dorthy Parker
Improved Farm Land
Carl Sandburg
Water Picture
May Swenson
Those Winter Sundays
Robert Hayden
Langston Hughes
The Naming of Cats
T.S. Eliot
For Anne Gregory
William Butler Yeats
Psalm 1
The bible
The Travlers Curse After Misdirection
Robert Graves
The Fool and the Poet
Alexander Pope
Sonnet 65
William Shakespeare
On the grasshopper and Cricket
John Keats
A Round Shape Water Takes Inside the ground
Nguyen Trai
Mrs. Kessler
Edgar Lee Masters
Hortense Robbins
Edgar Lee Masters
Samuel Gardner
Edgar Lee Masters
Dow Kritt
Edgar Lee Masters
Cooney Potter
Edgar Lee Masters
Hope is the Thing With Feathers
Emily Dickinson
The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost