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What can you add to tpn?
insulin and heparin
where can you administer lipid solutions?
peripheral veins
what are lipid solutions for?
correct fatty acid deficiency
what should you assess client for before administering lipid solutions?
allergies to eggs
what type of tubing for lipid solutions?
How fast do you administer lipid solutions initially?
1.0 ml/min -- for 30 minutes -- then adjust flow
what type of tubing for tpn and ppn?

what if lipids are added?
tubing with a 0.22 micron filter to remove crystals.

if lipids are added it needs a 1.2 micron filter or larger
Why do you need an x-ray after cather placement for tpn feedings?
if it's in the wrong place -- client can get pneumothorax
What precautions do you follow for tubing and cap changes?
client in head down position with head turned opposite direction of insertion site
What do you do if air embolism is suspected?
put patient in left-side lying -- with head lower than feet -- notify doctor
How often do you change tpn tubing?
every 24 hours
how often do you change tpn solutio
every 12 to 24 hours
Can meds and blood be given through a tpn line?
How are tpn solutions stored?
refrigeration -- used within 24 hours from time prepared
how long before use do you remove tpn solution from refrigerator?
1/2 to 1 hours before use
How much weight gain is acceptable on tpn in one week
not more than 3 pounds in one week
How often do you check glucose levels in blood while on tpn?
6-8 hours
What if there are fat globules at top of fat emulsion bag?
throw it out -- can't hang
When patient starts regular food is tpn stopped?
No -- gradually decreased
what is client asked to do during tubing changes?
valsalva maneuver
If TPN isn't ready -- what should you hang?
10% dextrose in water