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What are two popular chlorinated cyclodienes?
aldrin and dieldrin
What is known about chlorinated cyclodienes and their interaction with the environment?
they are persistent in the environment and exhibit bioaccumulation
How is absorption of cyclodienes different from DDT? (differential absorption)
cyclodiences induce hepatic enzymes and are potentially carcinogenic
Are cyclodienes approved for veterinary use?
Yes, but limited in animal dips and sprays
What is the most toxic of all cyclodienes?
What is the isomer of aldrin?
What is the isomer of dieldrin?
What is endrin used on?
cotton and cereals
WHat spp. is most sensitive to chlordane?
What is chlordane used for?
soil and crop insecticide
What are the three chlorinated hydrocarbons?
chlorinated ethane derivatives, chlorinated cyclodienes, and hexachlorocyclohexanes
Which chlorinated hydrocarbon causes liver enlargement when largely exposed?
Which isomer of benzene hexachloride is most toxic?
What are two characteristics that help identify stability of the pesticide in the environment?
biological magnification and translocation in plants
Where is the concentration of the pesticide highest, in the roughage or in the seeds?
higher in the roughage
Where can you find concentration of pesticide residues?
fatty tissue, milk, and eggs
Does DDT or methoxychlor have excellent, good, ok or poor dermal absorption?
Does cyclodienes, including dieldrin have excellent, good, ok, or poor dermal absorption?
Where is the main storage site of pesticides in the body?
Where are pesticides usually distributed in the body?
in the fat and CNS
What is the detoxification mechanism of pesticides?
body fat
What is the "toxicity source" of pesticides?
What action will aid in the release of toxic residues?
fasting b/c fat will be mobilized therefore releasing toxic residues
What are the two exception to extensive metabolism of chlorinated hydrocarbons?
bioactivation of aldrin and dieldrin(both are active comounds)
How are chlorinated hydrocarbons eliminated?
excretion(urine) and secretion(milk)
What inhibits the binding of gamma-aminobutyric acid(GABA) to its receptors?
heptachlor and lindane
What is the MOA of all organochlorine insecticides?
slow repolarization, enhance Na inflow, block K outflow
What is the effect of some organochlorine insecticides on the CNS?
increase CNS levels of ammonia
What is the effect of cyclodiene on the nervous system?
cause intense stimulation of the nervous system
What behavorial manifestations are exhibited by chlorinated hydrocarbon intoxication?
hypersensitivity, apprehension, belligerence, and later depression