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Who should the organiztion focus on?
They should focus on the customers !
What is a division of labor?
It is a small manageable units
Why is the division of labor important?
Because it made mass production possible
Who was the father of scientific management?
Fredrick Taylor
What was Fredrick Taylor philosophy?
To find ways to improve the work of the unskilled
Who was Walter Shewart?
He introduced the statistical method to control quality
What was Walter Shewart philosophy?
"The better teh quality, the lower the cost"
What is cost of quality?
What it costs to make products wrong - rework, returns and scrap
After WWII, what were the U.S. manufacture doing?
They were focusing on quantity, instead of quality
What opportunity did the U.S. missed after WWII?
It missed the opportunity to focus on quality before Europe and Japan
What was Genichi Taguchi philosophy of quality?
his philosophy was that quality must be designed in to the product
Products and processes were reverse-engineered and improved
What is a Paradigm
Paradigm is when one see one way to do certain things
How are quality and profitablity connected?
They are connected because when control quality is good the business will have better customer satisfaction and business profit will rise.
How are quality and defects related?
People don't want defected things when they purchase a product, they want some quality products !
Why do most quality initiatives fail?
Reasons for quality initiative failure - organization approaches and systems
What are the quality dimension for manufacture products?
usually focusing on technical & statistical measurements, performance, features, conformance, durability, servicebility, aesthetics, percieved quality
What is a service?
It is when you pay more attention to each customer & employee behaviors
Who is your worst customer?
when customers are not satistfied
What are the dimension of service?
Time, Timeliness, Completeness, Courtesy, Consistency, Accessiblity/convenience, accuracy, responsive
What is the principle of total quality?
TQ is a people-focused management system that aims at continual increase in customer satisfaction at continually lower real cost
What are the basic elements of total quality?
Customer focus, Empowerment & teamwork, a process orientation, management by fact, continious improvement & learning, leadership & strategic planning
Who determine if quality is deliver?
What is a process
a sequence of activites that is inteded to achieve some results
What is empowerment?
giving people authority
How do you improve products in service?
By doing it right the first time
Who is responsible for quality in a organization?
Everyone that is working in the organization
Should we use performance measure?
Yes, because base strategies drive the organization
Who leades an organization toward quality?
Leadership for quality is responsiblity of top management
Is adapting total quality easy?
No, because it takes alot of hard work and consistency
Does implementing a total quality philosophy require training?
yes, it does
Who was Deming?
He was the father of TQM
According to Deming what causes poor quality?
In Deming's view, variation is the chief culprit of poor quality
What is a system?
A set of functions or activities within an organization that work together to achieve organzation goals
What is a team synergy?
It is when people are working together as a team
What is a Innovation?
Something that is new and different. Somethign that can't be copy
What is a variation?
It is when something wears our or break
How does variation effect cost?
It effect cost because of the replacement.
What is the main focus of quality initiative?
Most quality initiative focus on reducing defects and errors
Who is Phillip Crosby?
He was the vice president for quality at ITT
What is it meant by quality is free?
Quality is free when you make it right the first time
What is ISO-9000?
It is a world-wide quality system standard
What is the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award?
IT recognizes U.S. companies that excel in quality management practices and performance
What is the Deming Prize Award?
It is world wide quality award
What are the risk of applying for a quality award?
The potenial risk is that the award becomes the end in itself
What is a competitive advantage?
A firm's ability to achieve market superiority over its competitors
What are the characteristics of a strong competitive advantage?
- Driven by customer needs and wants / provides a value
-Makes a significant contribution to the organization success
-Mathces on organization unique resource
- It's durable and lasting are difficult to copy
- Provides a basis for further improvement
- Provides directional & motivation for the organization
What is cost leadership?
Being the low cost leader
What do you mean by a diffrientation strategy?
Have some some dimensions that is/are unique to your market that is/are valued by customers
HHow can human resources give a competitive advantage?
Because human reources can sometimes be the only thing that competitors cannot copy
How do you meet or exceed customers expectation?
Differentiating yourself from the competition thru: superior product design, outstanding service, high flexibility & variety, continous innovation, and rapid response
What do you mean by performance?
the primary operating characteristics of the product
How do competition and competive advantage weight?
As global competition increases, so must innovation. Do not wait for customers to change, drive the change the customers want
What kind of information do we need to make a good decision?
Need timely, accurate data to make decisions
What is a performance measure?
It is when organization sees if they are going the right direction or how effective they are doing
How is performance measure use?
Measure to understand where they are and how they can improve
What is a strategic planning?
when organization plan for a long term or projects for the future. Strategic planing consists of two principal activities: development and implementation
What is a strategy
determining specific actions to achieve the performance object
What is a mission statement?
It is a purpose
What is a organization vision?
The vision describes where the organization is headed and what it intends to be