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-Group which pushed for the overthrow of the Qing dynasty
-They promoted nationalism and modernization
May Fourth Movement
-Angry response to the Treaty of versalles awarding former Chinese teritory to Japan
-Demonstrated chinese people commitmant to strong and independant nation
Mao Zendong
-Totalitarian leader of Chinese communist party
-He believed that peasants in the country side could lead the revolution`
Jiang Jieshi
-Leader of Kuomintang
-His goverment became corrupt and many people decided to support the communist
Long March
A 6,000 mile march by the communist to get away from the nationalists
-of the 100,000 who began to march, only a few thousand survived
-government in which takes total, centrialized control of every aspect of public and private life
-totalitarianism leaders often gives a sense of security and direction
-the working class
-these were the core of the bolshevicks
-the more racical of teo Russias two Marxist groups
-They wanted a small group of revolutionaries whowere willing to sacrfice everything to lead the movement
-The major leader of the Bolshevicks
-He had an engaging personality and was ruthless
-a self-described holyman who claimed to have magical powers