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What is a lichen?
Mutualistic combination of a fungi and algae
Lichens are half algae; what type of algae is this?
Cyanobacterium; fomerly blue green algae
What is the algae role within the lichen?
Photosynthesizes; provides carbohydrates for lichens
What is the fungus role within the lichen?
Provides a holdfast (attachment)
True or False:

Algae and fungi can colonize habitats within lichen environment.
False - Lichens colonize habitats that are unsuitable for either the alga or the fungus alone.
Lichens are classified on the basis of what?
What are the 3 types of morphology of lichens?
1. Crustose - Encrusted (cover or coat)

2. Foliose - Leaf like

3. Fruticose - Finger-like projections
What 3 things are lichens used for?
1. Pigments
2. Antimicrobial agent
3. Air quality indicators
True or False:

Algae are multicellular and filamentous.
False - Muticellular, unicellular, and filamentous
Where do most algae live?
Aquatic environments
What type of "troph" is algae?
Are algae prokaryotes or eukaryotes?
What is another term for "body"
What 3 features are indicated on the thallus of a multicellular algae?
1. Stipe
2. Holdfast
3. Blades
What is a stipe?
Stem or stalk-like feature
How do algae reproduce asexually?
Cell division & fragmentation
True or False:

Algae can reproduce asexually but MANY reproduce sexually
Photoautotrophic algae produce what as their endproduct?
How are algae classified?
Structure and pigments
What are the 6 phyla of algae?
1. Brown algae
2. Red algae
3. Green algae
4. Diatoms
5. Dinoflagellates
6. oomycotes
Name a specific Brown algae and what is harvested from it to be used as a stabilizing colloid?
Kelp - Algin
What is Algin and what type of algae is it taken from?
Stabilizing colloid - Kelp (brown algae)
What phylum of algae lives deep in the ocean?
Red algae
What does the pigment provide for red algae?
Absorption of blue light in deeper levels of the ocean
Which phyla of algae stores starch?
Green algae
What 2 components do Green algae contain?
1. Cellulose
2. Chlorphyll "a" and "b"
Are diatoms unicellular or multicellular?
Which 2 phyla of algae can produce neurotoxins?
Diatoms and Dinoflagellates
What are diatoms used for?
Diatomaceous earth; filtering aids
Diatoms contain what 2 things?
Pectin & Silica cell walls
Which phylum causes paralytic shellfish poisoning (red tide)?
Which phylum causes ciguatera (food poisoning)?
Which phylum are reclassified water molds?
What type of "troph" are oomycotes?
True or False:

oomycotes are decomposers and plant parasites
What are 3 major roles of algae?
1. Primary producers in aquatic food chain

2. Produce most oxygen in atmosphere

3. Produces petroleum
What is petroleum made out of?
Fossil remains of planktonic algae
What produces most of the oxygen in the atmosphere?
Planktonic algae