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What does a woman have to do the night before she gets married?
She has to go to the Mikvah and dip herself 3 times to become pure.
What is a scapegoat? How many goats are there? What are the other goat(s) for?
A scapegoat is a goat that is sent into the desert to die and atone for bnai israel's sins. There are 2 goats. The second goat is used to sacrifice to G-D.
How long was Miriam out of the camp?
7 days
The Birchat Hakohanim is said by
the Kohen.
How old is a baby boy when he is circumsized?
8 days old
Why is wild turkey unkosher?
because it has to be domesticated.(cannot have eaten other animals)
What is kafah?
When a bride walks around the groom 7 times.
How do we knoe that the people cared for MIriam?
They waited for her.
The Birchat Hakohanim is said by
the Kohen.
What is Pesach Shenee?
If you are sick on passover, you can celebrate Pesach Shenne a month later(the second pesach)
How does G-D speak to Moshe?
face to face
Polygamy is a person who gets married to more than one wife.
What were the 2 names of the spies that gave a good report from israel?
Kalev and Yehoshuah
When were the jewish people scapegoats?
the holocaust
Why do we have to kosher laws?
to be different.
what other animals are not kosher?
snakes, insects and reptiles are not kosher
What is another name for parasha Kedoshim?
The holiness code.
When the spies were in Israel, what were they looking for?
-If the people were strong or weak
-If the land was fertile
What is a nazir?
one who devotes a time of his life to prayer. At least 30 days
Why is pig unkosher?
it doesnt chew its cud (doesnt have three stomachs)
What three animals are especially not kosher?
Rabbit, Camel, Pig
An eye for an eye means,
if you do something wrong, you shall be punished equally.
All people are equal in the Eyes of G-D
Why are we supposed to be nice to strangers?
because we were strangers in the land of egypt.
What is a Nazir not allowed to do?
cut his hair, drink wine, come in contact with a dead person.
What must a nazir do if he comes in contact with a dead person?
He must cut off all his hair and bring turtle doves to the Kohen.
How can a person besides a Nazir become unpure?
The can come in contact with a dead person.
What happens if shabbat and Yom Kippur fall on the same day?
it is called shabbat shabbbaton.
How many years are you not supposed to eat fruit of the tree?
3 years you dont eat the fruit.
The 4th year you give it to the kohanim.
the 5th year you eat it.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
How did G-D speak to prophets?
In dreams
What is north of Israel?
Beautiful countries
Why do we break to glass at weddings?
to remember the destruction of the temples.
A wedding ring must be...
Gold, Circle, Smooth
Do not make fun of a blind or deaf person.
What is shelosh Regalim?
shevuot, Pesach, sukkot.
Pesach-7 days
sukkot-8 days