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What Mg used for in CAM?
BP, IBS (constipation type), migraines
What is CoQ good for?
BP and glycemic control (statins lower CoQ)
What is garlic good for?
remaining celibate, cardiovascular health
What is L-arg good for?
What is wheat germ extract good for?
Colorectal cancer
What is melatonin good for?
dec'd toxicity and inc'd efficacy of chemo
What is mistletoe good for?
What is the fxn of B1?
necessary for oxphos, pentphos shunt and nerve prop
What is the fxn of B2?
resp pathways, redox, elec trans chain, when phosphorylated = FAD
What is the fxn of B3?
converted to NAD, NADP. Used for enzymatic rxns and metabolism
What is the fxn of B5?
Component of CoA. Nec for TCA, synth of important shtuff (vit a, d, heme etc)
What is the fxn of B6?
aa metabolism, gluconeogen, breaks down homocysteine
What is the fxn of B7?
CO2 carrier
What is the fxn of B9?
dna synth
What is the fxn of B12?
folic acid fxn and dna synth
What is a B1 deficiency?
beri beri (heart problems w/neuropathy in adults) wernicke-korsakoff, leigh's (mitochondrial, demyelination, ataxia)
What is B1 toxicity?
Name the dz: beefy red tongue, cheilosis, dermatitis, anemia, photophobia?
B2 def
B2 tox?
Name the dz: rash, dementia, diarrhea, delusions?
B3 def (pellagra)
B3 tox?
flushing (N/V, hives, pruritis, liver injury)
Name the dz: parasthesias, burning feet, GI prob, poor wound healing?
B5 def
B5 tox?
Name the dz: glossitis, cheilosis, CNS sxs?
B6 def
B6 tox?
dizzy, naus, peripheral neuropathy, rash
Name the dz: mental status change, anorexia, alopecia?
B7 def
B7 tox?
B9 tox?
malaise, somnolence, GI
Name the dz: megaloblastic anemia, glossitis, dementia?
B12 def
B12 tox?
Vit A tox?
acute: N/V, malaise, blurred vision chronic: visual, alopecia, ataxia, liver, bone/musc pain TERATOGENIC
What is acrodermatitis?
scaly erythematous rash ass w/Zn def
What is keshan dz?
cardiomyopathy in china ass w/Se def
Which metal def causes impaired taste?
What is the hallmark of chromium deficiency?
glucose intolerance
Name the dz: elevated PT, thinning/light of hair, funny balls?
Mn def
Which vit Bs can you OD on?
B3, B6, B9
What does lack of dairy intake predispose you for (specifically)?
B2 def
What puts you at risk for Cu def?
prematurity, peritoneal dialysis, TPN, diarrhea
What puts you at risk for Cr def?
NSAIDs, antacids, TPN, malnutrition