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Current Electricity
A moving electrical charge
Short circuit
When too much current flows through a conductor
A material through which electricity has difficulty flowing
A material though which electricity flows easily or go through
A materal through which electricity does not flow.
Switch (purpose and how it works)
a device that can open and close a circuit.
How does a dry cell work?
Down the center is a rod made of carbon. Surrounding the carbon rod is a moist chemical paste. Around the paste is zinc. On the outside of the cell there are 2 places where wires are attached. They are called tdrminals. The positive terminal is connected to the carbon rod and the negative terminal is connected to the zinc. the opposite charges attract each other and cause the charges to travel through the terminals.
What is a short circuit?
When too much current flows through a conductor.
How is a short circuit dangerous? explain.
In your home a short circuit can also occur if frayed or broken wires touch. This heats up the wires and can cause a fire.
Series circuit
A circuit in which the current must flow through one bulb in order to flow through the other.
Parallel circuit
A circuit in which each bulb is connected to the cell separately.
Electrical energy
A current flows when postive and negative terminals are connected.
Chemical energy
chemical energy is used inside a cell to change into electrical energy
Closed circuit
A complete circuit There are no gaps or places where current cannot flow. With electric circuits a complete path.
Open circuit
An incomplete circuit. There are gaps or places where current cannot flow. It does not work properly.