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the study of the characteristics of MO and using that in classification , manmade totally artificial, changes with each new edition of book
Phenetic taxonomic schemes
based on observable characteristics --phenotype
phylogenetic taxonomic schemes
based on genetic similarities and attempts to establish evolutionary relationships ---genotype
Taxonomic catagories
Kingdom Phylum ( Divison) Class Order Family Genus species
The species concept
Plants and Animals
a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring ...genetic changes can spread through out the species--members of the same "gene pool"
The Species concept
most reproduce asexually therefore the species concept is more arbituary and phenetic and based on observable characteristics
Numerical taxonomy
strictly phenetic- numbers are assigned to particular characteristics and all these numbers are put into a computer program and then MO are grouped strictly on the total number of similarities and diffrences NO ONE CHARACTERISTIC HAS MORE WEIGHT THAN ANOTHER
Genetic taxonomy
strictly based on nucleotide sequences, based on nucleic or protein structure
Whittakers 5 kingdom system
***Mrs. Parker Planted Five Apples ---> Monera Protista Plants Fungi Animals
Based on -
--type of cell ( prokaryotic or eukaryotic )
-- Number of cells ( single or Prokaryotic
--and method of obtaining energy
*bear claw figure
Woese's Classification system
3 kingdom domain sytem
All Easy Essays----------------->Arceobacteria Eubacteria and Eukaryotes
takes into account biochemical similarities , prokaryotes 2 kingdom and Eukaryotes all together
Unusual RNA structure
Unusual cell membrane
Ether-linked , branded fatty acids
Cell membranes
Straight Chained
fatty Acids
Contain organelles within cell walls
Have cell membrane lipid as Eubacteria
light energy -->1 celled algae --kingdom plants
require food from outside the body ( 2 types )
Absorption --Bacteria--fungi
Ingestion --Protozoa--Animals