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state at least one course goal
use and strengthen your evaluation, critical-thinking, ethical analysis, and problem-solving skills
list the 3 things that you must bring to class each day
A. hardback 3-ringed notebook, with the lab book

B. pens and a pencil

C. day planner or assignment book
explain what type of tabs you need to buy
tab inserts so we can change them in and out. not ones that have numbers on them
the 1st section of your notebook is called the ____section; what is in it?
permament section; organize important papers that we will need all year such as a syllabus
a grace day is a ________ and when you take on eyou must....
an excused absence; come to the teacher 3 days before and get any upcoming assignments
if you miss the day of a test or quiz is given, when must it be made up
the period of backwork the day we return
is you miss class(es) the first thing you should make up is ________ if you had one while you were gone
if you miss only part of a day that includes biology and you had homework, a quiz, or a test due, when must it be completed
the same day during backwork or study hall
what homework can not be made up and why
homweork answered or discussed in class because that would most likely result in cheating
how much credit can you get for late homework
50% credit
if you do not have a pre-lab done, then youy can not....
do the lab until the pre-labs are completed
list the 3 types of grades you have an what % each counts
A. daily grades-15%
B. minor grades-35%
C. major grades-50%
we have exams, the ____ and ____ trimesters
write a correct heading below
Alex Beebe
5th period
Current Date
where and when must homework be turned it
A. before class starts
B. in the "today's assignments" tray
when can you turn in extra credit
any time
where do you turn in extra credit
"extra credit" tray
how do you inform your teacher whether you are turning in late work or make up work that is not late?
you must label it "late" or "absent"