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Last input record to control the loop. This last record serves as a signal to the computer that no more records are to be processed.
Trailer Record
Another name for Trailer Record
Dummy Data Value
Another name for Trailer Record
Sentinel Value
A(n) __________ serves as the title to a report that is output
Heading Line
A line of output associated with one input record.
Detail Line
A line that represents cumulative information from one or more input records. ___________ are typically output after the loop is executed.
Total Lines.
In a trailer record, there are always two READ statements that look exactly the same. The first READ statement, placed before the loop, causes the first record to be input. Thisis called a ________________.
Priming Read
The second READ statement in trailer record logic. This READ is within the loop - usually the loop's last statement. It causes the next available input record to be read each time the loop steps are executed.
Loop Read
In trailer record logic, instead of checking for a specific trailer value, we can simply test for a generic name of the function. This is called ____________________.
Automic End-of-File Facility.
Used when testing for end of file in trailer record logic, and there is no input data. This causes the loop test to be exited immediately.
Empty File Condition.
A variable whose value does not change during program execution.
Named Constant