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A __________ is a combination of people, equipment and procedures that work together to perform a specific function.
A __________ is a system in which some of the procedures are performed by a computer.
computer-based information system
The _______________ is a series of well-defined steps that should be followed when a system is created or changed.
system development life cycle
The following are the 6 steps of the _________
1. Analyze the current system
2. Define the new system requirements
3. Design the new system
4. Develop the new system
5. Implement the new system
6. Evaluate the new system
system development life cycle
In defining the new system requirements, the analyst should specify _____ needs to be done, not ____ to do it.
what; how
The system analyst, or ____________ uses the requirements defined in the analysis phase as a basis for designing the new or modified system.
system designer
A graphical representation detailing all of the programs within a system and how they interrelate.
system flowchart
What does CASE stand for?
computer-assisted software engineering
The automation of tools, methods, and proecdures for a system.
Computer-assisted software engineering (CASE)
A(n) __________ program is one that is designed to respond to actions that occur when the program is executing.
A tool that contains standard symbols which graphically depict the problem-solving logic within a program. (A picture of an algorithm.)
program flowchart
English-language statements that describe the processing steps of a program in paragraph form.
_________ are used in program design to show the relationships among parts of a program.
structure chart
Another name for structure chart
hierarchy chart
Each program part in a structure chart is called a _________
The process of breaking a program into parts or modules is called _______________
This type of design emphasizes processes.
procedure-oriented design.
This type of design emphasizes data.
object-oriented design
Class diagrams are expressed in _______________
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
This type of program has a characteristic of high-quality software which is easy to use.
user friendly
______________ make it easier for the user to interact with the computer. They present information in an easy-to-use point-and-click fashion.
graphical user interface (GUI)
These types of of structured languages contain language elements that closely parallel the structures used in program design.
procedure-oriented languages
These five steps are called ________
1. Review the input, processing, output and storage requirements.
2. Develop the logic for the program.
3. Write the program using a programming language.
4. Test and debug the program.
5. Complete the program documentation.
Program Development Cycle (PDC)
This control structure represents the computer's ability to execute instructions in a step-by-step, sequential manner.
SIMPLE SEQUENCE control structure.
This control structure represents the computer's ability to make a decision.
IFTHENELSE control structure
This control structure represents the computer's ability to repeat a series of instructions.
DOWHILE control structure
A series of repeated instructions is called a ______.
A Repeat statement that does not specify when repetition stops.
infinite loop
A program interface that takes advantage of the computer's graphical capabilities to make the program easier to use. If they are well designed, they can free the user from learning complex command languages.
graphical user interfaces
A set of integrated and application development tools that assist in software development; for example, analyzing business requirements, designing applications, generating application code, etc.
Computer-Aided Systems Engineering (CASE)
A problem-oriented computer programming language that facilitates expressing a procedure in the form of explicit algorithms
procedure-oriented language
This type of error occurs when a programmer does not follow the rules of the language he or she is using.
syntax error
This type of error occurs when a step in the program logic is incorrect.
logic error
Programs, modules, or classes that make up a system should first be tested individually to make sure that each works correctly. This is called ________.
unit testing
Programs, modules, or classes should be tested together as a system, either entirely or in part. This is called ______________________ or ________.
system testing, or intgration