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Any work that has a beginning and an end, and requires the use of company resources including people, time, and/or money. Examples include conducting a series of interviews, designing a report, selecting software, waiting for the delivery of equipment, and training users.
The most optimistic outcome is called the best-case estimate.
best-case estimate
review of a project team member's work by other members of the team to spot logic errors. Generally, systems analysts review the work of other systems analysts, and programmers review the work of other programmers, as a form of peer review.
structured walkthrough: code review, design review, requirements review, testing review
If tasks can be completed at the same time
concurrent task
a series of events and activities with no slack time
critical path
activities are shown as vectors, and the events are displayed graphically as nodes.
critical path method (CPM), Program Evaulation Review Technique (PERT), network diagram
A task that has to be completed in a serial sequence.
dependent task
represent the amount of work that one person can complete in one day
two or more concurrent tasks depend on a single prior task
predecesor task
reference point that marks a major occurrence
After ECTs have been determined for all the nodes in a PERT/CPM network, the ECT of the last node:
expected project duration
horizontal bar chart that illustrates a schedule.
Gantt chart
most likely outcome
probable case estimate
person who handles administrative responsibilities for the development team and negotiates with users who might have conflicting requirements or want changes that would require additional time or expense
project coordinator
process of planning, scheduling, monitoring and controlling, and reporting upon the development of an information system
project management
can aid analysts in project planning, estimating, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting
project management software
guiding, supervising, and coordinating the project team's workload.
project monitoring and controlling
identifying project tasks and estimating completion time and costs
project planning
regular progress reports to management, users, and the project team itself.
project reporting
of a specific timetable to facilitate completion of a project
project scheduling
When tasks must be completed one after another,
sequential task
process of managing and controlling changes requested after the system requirements document has been submitted and accepted.
software change control
Each of the concurrent tasks of a predecessor task
successor task
each task represents several activities
task groups
can involve sequential tasks, multiple successor tasks, and multiple predecessor tasks.
task patterns
an important value that managers add to estimates so they can be analyzed.
The most pessimistic outcome
worst case estimate