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What makes the Perkins and the Goldman tonometer the same?
They use the same applanation probe, the end point.
What drops should you use to preform Perkins tonometry?
Fluress, or an anesthetic and flourescin
How do you turn the Perkins tonometer on?
Turn the dial above zero and it automatically turns on
How often should you check the calibration of the Perkin's tonometer?
every 3 months
Does Perkins use applanation, indention, or both?
Is the tono-pen reading affected by corneal astigmatism?
What is the best tonometer to use with scarred or edematous corneas?
The tono-pen
Can you use alcohol to disinfect the tonometer?
How often do you calibrate the tono-pen?
at the beginning of every day
Explain the technique to calibrate the tono-pen.
1.Hold down untill beeps and you see ===
2.Release switch display --- and you will hear another beep
3.hold vertically with the probe down press button 2x quickly and you will see CAL
4.after time you hear beep and see UP
5.Turn probe up vertically and another beep will sound with either GOOD or BAD
What do you do if tono says BAD?
calibrate again until two successive GOODS.
What kind of drops should you use when using the tono-pen?
just anesthetic no fl. necessary
How do you know when you have taken enough readings with the tono-pen?
you will hear a long beep
What kind of drops would you use with a non-contact tonometer
No drops!
What is the only portable hand held NCT?
the keeler pulsair
when you use the keeler pulsair and you move in what will you see first?
two green dots
when you are on target with the pulsair what will you see?
bowtie on a red background
In general do the pulsair readings tend to be lower or higher than goldman?
What position does the patient need to be in to do shiotz tonometry?
lying down
What is the only indention tonometer?