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*generates fluids
*moistens exterior/skin
(enters Lung, Stomach)
Sha Shen
(glehnia root)
*moistens lungs,
generates fluids,
moistens intestines
(Heart, Lung, Stomach)
Mai Men Dong
(ophipogon root)
*moisten Lung and clear heat
*nourish Kidney Yin,
generate fluids
(Kidney, Lung)
Tian Men Dong
*generates fluids
*nourishes Stomach Yin
*brightens eyes
(Kidney, Lung)
Shi Hu
*generate fluids
*nourishes Stomach Yin
*spec: diabetes (waste/thirst)
Sang Ji Sheng
*Liver and Kidney Yin Xu
*clear deficiency heat
*improve eyesight
Nu Zhen Zi
*Anchors yang and ext. LV Wind
*cools blood, stops bleeding
*nourishes Heart and Kidney
Gui Ban
(turtle shell)
*anchors Yang, nourish Yin
*invigorate blood, promote menstruation*
*dissipate nodules*(salty flav)
Bie Jia
(soft turtle shell)
*moistens Lung and Stomach,
*clears heat from Stomach
*clears wind from Liver
*nourishes Sinews, stops Spasm
Yu Zhu
(Solom. Seal Root)
*Tonify Spleen and Stomach
*Moisten Lungs
*Tonify Kidney Essence
Huang Jing
(Solom. Seal Root - Siberian)
*moistens Lungs and clears heat
*calms spirit, lowers fever
Bai He
(lily bulb)
*tonify both blood and yin
*brighten the eyes
*nourish Lung and Kidney Yin
Gou Qi Zi
*nourishes blood and clears Wind
*moistens stools and lubricates
Hei Zhi Ma
(black sesame seeds)
*nourish Yin in Liver and Kidney
*clears deficiency heat
**improves vision
Han Lian Cao
2 that benefit eyes:

1 that calms fetus

1 that stop spasms
1. Han Lian Cao
2. Nu Zhen Zi

1. Sang Ji Sheng

1. Yu Zhu