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du zhong
ton. lv and ki strenghtens sinews and bones, calms fetus
prevents miscarrige
xu duan
10-20 gm
tonifies lv&ki streghtens sinews and bones promotes mending of sinews, calms fetus, invigorates blood
Tu si zi 9-15 dodder seeds
tonifies ki yang &yin stabilizes essence, retains urine, ton lv ki improves vision
sha yuan zi
ton ki yang and yin, stab essence, ton lv and ki, improves vision
ge jie(gecko)
ben ki tonifies lu, fortifies ki yang, augments essence and blood
dong chong xia cao
catepillar fungus
aug ki tonifies yang, ton lu& ki transforms phlegm, stops bleeding (chronic cough, wheezing)
zi he che
processed placenta
tonifies ki yang, augments essence, augments qi, nourishes blood, tonifies lu and ki
hu tao ren (walnut)
tonifies ki, streghtens back and knees, warms lu, helps ki grasp qi, moistens intestines, unlocks bowels
hai ma (seahorse)
tonifies ki, fortifies yang, invigorates blood , dispels stasis( abdominal masses)
jiu zi (chinese leek seeds)
warms ki, fortifies yang,secures essence
yang qi shi
warms ki, fortifies yang
yi zhi ren black cardamom
warms ki, stablilizes essence, retains urine, warms sp, stps diarrhea
Rou Cong rong 10-20
tonifies Ki yang nourishes essence and blood, moistens intestines, unblocks bowels
Lu jiao Jiao
tonifies liver and ki, nourishes essence blood, stops bleeding
lu rong
toni ki fortifies yang, tonifies essence and blood strenghtens sinews, bones reg chong &ren stabilizes dai,promotes pus discharge, generates flesh