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what is tonic?
tonic gives tone to the muscular fibers, they influence mostly digestive system benefiting the whole organism.
tonic herbs for women
Raspberry Leaves, Motherwort, Strawberry Leaves, Nettle Leaves,
Queen of the Meadow, Licorice Root, Comfrey Leaves, Partridge Berry- use 3 or 4 tonic herbs add 1/2 oz of any Demulcent and 1/2 oz any Aromatic
Tonic herbs for man
Shepherd's Purse, Licorice Root,
Sarsaparilla, Ginseng Root, Palmetto Berries, Cinnamon Bark, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root
add Corn silk and Parsley leaves
Berberis vulgaris- Barberry
helpful in correction of the secretion of the liver
useful in fevers
loss of appetite
splenic affections
liver troubles
mild laxative
skin troubles
would you use tonic in acute stage or in convalescence?
tonic should be used in convalescence
Hydrastis canadensis - Goldenseal
valuable as a tonic for mucous memebrane- dyspepsia, gastric catarrh, gastric ulceration (smaller and frequent doses)
vomiting in pregnancy ?
it will tone and sustain the venous circulation
wash for skin trouble
powder form for chancres and buboes
jateorhiza palma - Columbo
tonic without estrigency,
valuable in all cases of dyxpepsia, weakness of the stomach, in convalescence from fevers, in pulmonary consuption, accumulation of flatus in the bowels
cinchona oficcinalis- quinine
bark in natural state is used as general tonic - it influence the nervous system, cerebro-spinal and sympathetic, and even peripheral nerves
tonic use in old age and urinary troubles
White Poplar (trembling Aspen)
also good for chronic diarrhea
it tones mucous membrane
wash in egzema
good tonic in over secretion of bile
feverwort (centaurium erythraea) is good tonic
give warm infusion or decoction half and hour before meals-1/2 teacup
1 oz feverworth to a pint of water
which tonic will produce emesis
alteris farinosa
chamaelirum luteum (False unicorn WILL CAUSE VOMITING IN HIGH DOSES.
which condition Gum Myrrh or Tincture Myrrh is useful
good wash for sores, ulcers, inflamed gums, internally will help for bed breath.
sore throat, ulcerations of the tongue, mouth and throats of infants
it will diminish mucus discharges
Chelone glabra
Balmony, snake head or turtle head is useful in dyspepsia, debility, jaundice and constipation
it is good liver tonic and cleanser of morbid selection of bile, it is used for stomach worms
a) chamaelirium luteum
b) aletris farinose
a)False Unicorn Root, Helonias
b) True Unicorn, Star Grass
they are best stimulant to the uterus and ovaries
what to combine with Gentian and why?
to offset any possible nausea caused by bitter taste it is advisable to combine with some aromatic agent like Coriander Seed, Orange Peel and Cinnamon