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a town experiencing a sudden growth in business and population
1 : a firm durable twilled usually cotton fabric
2 plural : overalls or trousers of denim
Word History Many fabrics have been named for the places where they were once made. Denim gets its name from Nîmes, a city in France famous for its textiles. But the name came about in an unusual way. The fabric, a heavy serge, was originally called serge de Nîmes, literally, "serge from Nîmes." The "s" on Nîmes is not pronounced in French, so when the name of the fabric came into English, it was often written serge de Nim and later serge denim. In time this was shortened to simply denim.
1 : an outbreak of epidemic disease
2 : a sudden rapidly spreading outbreak or growth <a crime epidemic>
one who acquires or settles on public land for use as a homestead
1 : a border between two countries
2 a : a region that forms the edge of the settled part of a country b : the outer limits of knowledge or achievement <the frontiers of science>
Morse Code
either of two codes consisting of dots and dashes or long and short sounds used for sending messages
a sounder
one that sounds; especially : a device for making soundings
stock ticker
a telegraphic machine that receives stock prices and news and prints them out on a paper ribbon
1 : an artificial passage for water with a gate for controlling its flow or changing its direction
2 : a body of water held back by a gate or a stream flowing through a gate
3 : a device (as a floodgate) for controlling the flow of water
4 : a channel that carries off surplus water
5 : a long sloping trough (as for floating logs to a sawmill)
hydraulic mining
a system of mining in which the force of a jet of water is used to wash down a bank of gold-bearing gravel or earth.
to make a hole or series of holes through; especially : to make a line of holes to make tearing easy and neat <sheets of stamps are perforated>
1: a covering or structure (as the spines of a cactus) used for protection or defense
2 : the part of an electric generator that consists of coils of wire around an iron core and that induces an electric current when it is rotated in a magnetic field
3 : the part of an electric motor that consists of coils of wire around an iron core and that is caused to rotate in a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through the coils
4 : the movable part of an electromagnetic device (as a loudspeaker)
German-born British journalist who founded (1848) Reuter's, one of the first international news agencies.