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discard (v)

You should discard the dirty clothes.
to get rid of something
calamity (n,c)

It will be a calamity for farmers if the crops failed again.
deceive (v,t)

I was deceived into paying more than I should have.
lie, mislead
suspicious (adj)

Some of his colleagues at work became suspicious of his behaviour.
thinking that someone might be guilty of doing something wrong or dishonest
guilty (adj)

I feel really guilty at forgetting her birthday again.
pretend (v,t,i)

Let's pretend we are on the moon.
to behave as if something is true when in fact you know it is not, in order to deceive people or for fun
fraud (n,c&u)

He's been charged with tax fraud.
the crime of deceiving people in order to gain something such as money or goods
crime (n,u)

We moved here because there was very little crime.
illegal activities in general
accurate (adj)

Police believe Derek gave a reasonably accurate account of what happened.
correct and true in every detail [≠ inaccurate]
acquire (vt)

I hoped to acquire valuable works of art as cheaply as possible.
obtain something by buying it or being given it
embrace (vt,i)

Jack warmly embraced his son.
considerate (adj)

It was very considerate of you to let us know you were going to be late.
always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful not to upset them [≠ inconsiderate]
sustain (vt)

She found it difficult to sustain the children's interest.

Two of the fire-fighters sustained serious injuries.
make something continue to exist or happen for a period of time [= maintain]

to suffer damage, an injury, or loss of money
betray (vt)

He felt that she had betrayed him.
be disloyal to someone who trusts you so that they are harmed or upset
clarify (vt)

Could you clarify one or two points for me?
to make something clearer or easier to understand
rebellious (adj)

They are rebellious teenager.
deliberately not obeying people in authority or rules of behaviour
infer/inferred/inferring (v)

A lot can be inferred from these statistics.
form an opinion that something is probably true because of information that you have
factual (adj)

he report contained a number of factual errors.
based on facts or relating to facts

She's below the statutory age for school attendance.
fixed or controlled by law

He thrust me roughly towards the door.
push something somewhere roughly
-not well known and usually not very important

-difficult to understand
qualified (adj)

If you don't speak German, you're not qualified to comment.
having suitable knowledge, experience, or skills, especially for a particular job
content (adj)

Andy was a good husband, and Nicky was clearly very content.
happy and satisfied
handle (Vt)

I handled most of the paperwork.

He had never handled a weapon before.
to do the things that are necessary to complete a job

to hold
counterpart (n,c)
someone or something that has the same job or purpose as someone or something else in a different place
obvious (adj)

The obvious way of reducing pollution is to use cars less.
easy to notice or understand