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Who is the main character and narrator?
Jean Louise (Scout) Finch
Who is Scout's brother?
Jeremy Atticus (Jem) Finch
Who is Jem and Scout's father and what does he do for a living?
Father: Atticus Finch
Occupation: Attorney
Who was the first person Jem and Scout made friends with in the story?
Charles Baker (Dill) Harris
What is signifigant of "The Radley House"?
Everybody is afraid of the house and the people who live inside of it.
When Scout starts school, why does the teacher look down upon her?
Because she can already read and write.
What happens to Ms. Maudie's house and how does she react to it?
Ms. Maudie's house burns to the ground, but she looks at it as an excuse to build a smaller house with more azaleas.
Why does Jem consider his dad brave?
Atticus shoots the neighboor's rabid dog, Tim Johnson.
Why does Scout look up to Ms. Dubose?
Ms. Dubose was old ad addicted to morphene and she stopped taking it and accepted death.
What lesson does Scout learn from Ms. Dubose?
Bravery, Ms. Dubose was addicted to morphene and she stopped taking it and accepted her old age.
What is signifigant about the Radley's tree?
It has a knot in it that Jem and Scout find different "treasures" in.
What does Nathan Radley say after shooting at Jem, Scout, and Dill?
He said it thought it was a n****r.
Why does the community look down on one of Atticus' case?
He defends a black man. (Tom Robinson)
What happens to the knot in the Radley's tree?
Nathan Radley fills it with cement.