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Loot (n)
Valuable Treasures
What Jem and Scout found in the tree knob.
Parched (adj)
Calpernia gave Jem and Scout lem when they feel PARCHED
Arbitrate (v)
to Judge, or Decide
Dill and Scout argued who play first, Jem ARBITRATED
Palette (n)
the Range of color
Scout sees palette color when she rolled in the tire
Benign (adj)
gentle, kind, won't cause harm
Magisterial (adj)
authoritorian, Imperious
Jem sometimes act MAGISTERIAL to Scout
Prolong (v)
length out in time
Placid (adj)
calm peaceful
Asinine (adj)
foolish, unintelligent, stupid
Edification (n)
moral improvement, enlightment
I'm learning vocab for my own EDIFICATION
Prowess (n)
Superior skill or ability
Atticus's PROWESS is the long-shot
Pilgramage (n)
a long Journey of importance
A Pilgramage to the bathroon (lol)
Cleave (v)
Stick onto something, adhere closely
Gum CLEAVES to her palate and she can't talk
Plalate (n)
the roof of the mouth
Gum CLEAVES to her palate and she can't talk
Burdensome (adj)
distressing; trouble some
Meditative (adj)
Prone to deep thought
Jem gave a meditative pat on the tree
Unfathomable (adj)
difficult to understand; incomprehensible
fathom: measure of Dept in ocean.
to fathom: to have deeper understanding
Aberration (n)
unusual course;
Snow in Alabanma is An Aberration for Scout
Perpetrate (v)
to commit a crime
Libel (n)
false publication
Yellow Journalism before the Spanish American War was a Libel
Caricature (n)
a discription that exagerate a person or thing.
Many Polical Cartoons are CARICATURE.
Omit (v)
to leave out
Gastric (adj)
relating to stomach
Scout had many GASTRIC excuses for skipping school
Anology (n)
comparing of relationship
Scout's anology of Aunt Alexandra and Mount Everest
Wary (adj)
watchful, cautious
Guile (n)
cunning sneaky in dealing with others
guileLESSNESS meas Straight Forward
Don (n)
to put on
to DON your hat
subdue (v)
conquer or oversome
Scout tried to subdue Francis over Christmas