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___ is to ___ as ___ is to ____

subject made clearer or more meaningful by developing an analogy
a group that listens or watches
author’s purpose
To inform
To persuade
To entertain
Cause and effect is the relationship between two things when one thing makes something else happen.
Double negative
A double negative occurs when two forms of negation are used in the same sentence.
Drawing conclusions
Making decisions by combining information
a work that contains information on all subjects or one that covers a certain subject thoroughly usually with articles arranged alphabetically
a short fictitious story; especially : one intended to teach a lesson and in which animals speak and act like human beings
a particular type or category of literary, musical, or artistic composition
an alphabetical list in a printed work that gives with each item listed the page number where it may be found
Making inferences
Reading all the clues and making your best guess
a story often describing the adventures of superhuman beings that attempts to describe the origin of a people's customs or beliefs or to explain mysterious events (as the changing of the seasons)
2 : a person or thing that exists only in the imagination <the dragon is a myth>
3 : a popular belief that is false or unsupported
a : a brief summary or plan often in numbered divisions b : a brief treatment of a subject
Possessive nouns
express ownership or show a relationship
to read over and fix mistakes in
the act, practice, or system of inserting punctuation marks in written matter to make the meaning clear and separate parts (as clauses or sentences)
Sentence fragment
occur when a sentence is missing a subject, verb, or main clause.
Simple predicate
the verb or verbs that link up with the subject.
Simple subject
Every subject is built around one noun or pronoun (or more) stripped of all the words that modify it
a book of words and their synonyms
Title page (parts of)
a page of a book bearing the title
Verb tense
gives information about when an action took place