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either continent (North America or South America) of Western Hemisphere
2 or the Amer•i•cas /-k&z/ lands of Western Hemisphere including North, Central, & South America & West Indies
1 : a person who lives in a city or town
2 a : a member of a state b : a person who owes allegiance to a government and is protected by it
1 : a place in which people live that is larger or more important than a town
1 a : the people living in an area; also : the area itself b : a group of living things that belong to one or more species, interact ecologically, and are located in one place (as a bog or pond) c : a group of people with common interests especially when living together <a community of monks>
1 : one of the great divisions of land (as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Antarctica) on the globe
1 : an indefinite usually large stretch of land : REGION <hill country>
2 a : the land of a person's birth, residence, or citizenship b : a nation or its territory
3 : the people of a state or district : POPULACE
4 : the open rural area outside of big towns and cities <lives out in the country>
1 : an act or process of electing; especially : the process of voting to choose a person for office <the election of a new governor>
: the quality, fact, or state of being equal
: a piece of cloth with a special design that is used as a symbol (as of a nation) or for signaling
: a round object: as a : a model of the earth or heavens
: one that governs; especially
: an official elected or appointed to act as ruler, chief executive, or head of a political unit (as a colony, state, or province)
: the quality or state of being independent : freedom from outside control or support
a : a rule of conduct or action laid down and enforced by the supreme governing authority (as the legislature) of a community or established by custom b : the whole collection of such rules <the law of the land> c : the control brought about by enforcing rules <forces of law and order> d : trial in a court to decide what is just and right according to the laws <go to law> e : an agent or agency for enforcing laws
: a drawing or picture showing selected features of an area (as the surface of the earth or the moon or a section of the brain) and usually drawn to a given scale
2 : a drawing or picture of the sky showing the position of stars and planets
an official elected to act as head of a city or borough
2 a : a lack of something necessary, desirable, or useful
1 : the whole body of salt water that covers nearly three fourths of the surface of the earth
1 a : AGO <10 years past> b : just gone by <for the past few months>
2 : having existed or taken place in a period before the present <past customs>
1 : a person who presides over a meeting
2 : the chief officer of an organization <a bank president> <college president> <president of our club>
3 : the chief executive officer or the chief of state in a republic
1 : relation to or concern with something specified : REFERENCE <with respect to your last letter>
2 a : high or special regard : ESTEEM b plural : expressions of regard or courtesy <pay my respects to your family