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Off-site retailing
business that operate through catalogs and websites
a unit of a retailer that is smaller than its flagship store
line and staff
an organizational structure that uses decision makers, company producers, and advisory personnel
Chain Organization
a group of stores that are centrally owned and operated with some degree of centralized control
Department Store
a major retail organization that sells a wide variety of hard and soft goods
Divisional Merchandise Manager
second in command to the retailers top merchandising executive
Fashion Director
an executive who provides fashion information to the merchandising team
Flagship Store
the main store of a department store organization
an individual who becomes part of a franchised operation
a person or company that owns a specific company and has the right to expand its operation by allowing others to own and operate individual outlets
an exclusive arrangement whereby an individual and an operating company do business together in a specified way
Full-line Department Store
a retail organization that merchandises a complete assortment of hard and soft goods
General Merchandising Manager
the head of a retailer's merchandising division
Product Development
the design and development of a new item
In-house Video Communication
a system that uses closed-circuit communication btw the buyers and the store's managers and sales associates