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What are the three major processes of aerobic respiration?
After glycolysis, the major aerobic mechanisms of metabolism are: (1) TCA (2) Electron Transport (3) Oxidative Phosphorylation
Amphibolic and relation to TCA
The TCA has a role in catabolism and anabolism; oxidation of butrients (catabolic) but some molecules are beginning of biosynth pathways
Main fuels of TCA? From Where? Ultimate end?
Glucose from carbs; amino acids from proteins and fatty acids from lipids will be turned into CO2 and H20
Where are all of these mechanisms taking place?
Glycolysis in the cytosol and TCA in the mitochondrial matrix (innermost) [e/c those were intermediate E-acceptor is FAD....part of mitochondrial mem)
AT the end of one turn of the TCA... One acetyl-CoA yields...
2 molecules of CO2; 3NADH; GTP; FADH2
Enzyme for conversion of pyruvate to ___ and acetyl portion of acetyl CoA?
Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex; CO2
Reactants and Product: Step 1
Acetyl CoA and Oxaloacetate and H2O
Make Citrate and CoA-SH
Enzyme: Step 1
Citrate Synthatase
Reactants and Product: Step 2
Make iso-Citrate
Enzyme: Step 2
Reactants and Product: Step 3
Iso-Citrate and NAD+
--> Alpha-ketoglutarate +NADH+CO2 + H+
Enzyme: Step 3
Iso-Citrate Dehydrogenase
Reactants and Product: Step 4
Alpha-Ketoglutarate + NAD+ +CoA-SH
--> succinyl-CoA + NADH + CO2 + H+
Enzyme: Step 4
Reactants and Product: Step 5
Succinyl CoA + GDP + Pi
--> Succinate + GTP + CoA-SH
Enzyme: Step 5
Succinyl CoA Synthatase
Reactants and Product: Step 6
Succinate + FAD
--> Fumarate + FADH2
Enzyme: Step 6
Succinate dehydrogenase
Reactants and Product: Step 7
Fumarate + H20
--> L-Malatate
Enzyme: Step 7
Reactants and Product: Step 8
L-Malatate + NAD+
--> Oxaloacetate + NADH + H+
Enzyme: Step 8
Malatate dehydrogenase