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In Biology, what does fitness mean?
The ability to survive and reproduce.
What's the macromolecule of saturated or unsaturated fats?
A lipid.
Enzymes that bind to their substrates is also known as the
Lock-and-key analogy
What is the function of a Nucleic Acid?
Carries Information (RNA-catalysist)
What does a Prokaryote lack?
mitochondria to generate ATP
What type of sugar is Glucose?
a 6-Carbon sugar called a Monosaccharide.
What is used for energy storage in plants?
Who is Leeuwenhoek?
Inventor of a more powerful microscope and describe the diversity of cells.
A fat that is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic is reffered to as what?
What is an Ester Linkage?
A bond found in fats
Chloroplasts and Mitochondria both have these in common.
the inner and outer membranes
what are the 3 components of a nucleotide?
Nitrogenous base, phosphate, sugar
When a cell is put into a hypo-tonic solution what is occurring?
What type of diffusion is used for Glucose when it is entering a cell from a higher concentration outside of the cell?
Facilitated diffusion (through a carrier protein)
Oxygen gas enters the cell with what kind of diffusion?
Simple diffusion
What is the monomer of a Carbohydrate?
The key difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote?
eukaryotes have a membrane bound nucleus
Why is water essential for life?
polar, readily forms hydrogen bonds, efficient solvent.
What type of bond does a protein have?
a peptide bond
Sodium ions that use ATP during transport are utilizing what type of trasport?
Primary Active Transport
what are the 5 characteristics of all living things?
Energy, Reproduction, cells, Information, Evolution.
What lipid forms membranes?
a Phospholipid
When talking about the Alpha 1-4, and Alpha 1-6, what are they referring to?
Glycosidic linkages
In DNA, the double helix is made of two complimentary strands that are_______.
Ribosomes are made of of____
RNA and proteins
What part of a nucleotide varies from from one to another?
The nitrogenous base, (Uracil and Thyamine)
3 places in eukaryotic cell where you may find DNA