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What is the temperature of food for serving to prisoners? Hot and Cold
Hot - 140 degrees
Cold - 41 degrees
How often should a visual check be made on prisoners?
Adult - every hour
Juvenile - every 30 minutes
What are the basic requirements for a secure detention of a juvenile?
1-Age 14 or older
2-Present danger to self or others
3-No longer than 6 hours
4-Secured to stationary object - no longer than 60 minutes
5-If longer than 60 min, must be approved by supervisor every 30 min
What are the requirements of a sobering cell?
1-Max 6 hours w/out eval from medical or custody staff
2-visual cks every 1/2 hour
What is the minimum standards for feeding prisoners? Meals-?
3 meals a day, one needs to be a hot meal
EXCEPTION-disipline diet is two meals a day
Note: allowed minimum 15 min to eat
A station jail is what TYPE of facility
Type 1
What is 4030 PC
1) Pre-arraigned inmates
2) Segragation from arraigned, pre-sentence and sentenced inmates
3) Cannot strip search unless exception exists
Requirements of a Safety Cell
1)Not be used for discipline
2)w/approval of facility manager(Captain) W/C, or designated Physician
3)If cont retention, must be reviewed every 8 hrs
4)Medical assessment shall be done w/in 12 hrs
5)Shall be medically cleared every 24 hrs
6)Direct visual obs twice every 30 minutes
How soon can an inmate have a discipline hearing without a waiver? (DRB)
24 hours upon notice of violation given to inmate
Who must review an inmates discipline if there was 30 consecutive days given as discipline?
Facility Manager (Captain)