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is the Titanic
to leave
whole world
on the top decks
you can see
best of all
ever seen
it has two
inside the other
full of water
will float
lowest part
starts to flood
in a lifetime
are rich
in the world
on the Titanic
not all
at last
engines roar
on the decks
ready to sail
out of the harbor
has begun
to their friends
off the coast
some of them
into the darkness
smooth as glass
in their rooms
rings an alarm
straight ahead
high above
must watch
even notice
going to sink
too many
are on board
do not know
cannot sink
go first
only half full
lower them
the poor ones
down below
do not understand
do not come
save everyone
not far
get them loose
across the water
under the black water
into the ocean
in the lifeboats
will never come