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def of a primary care physician?
a generalist that provides definitive care to the undifferentiated patient at the point of first contact and takes continuing responsibility for providing the patient’s care, a pediatrician could be a pcip but no sub specialist is involved
Family medicine*
a discipline of osteopathic medicine dealing with all aspects of care of the entire family from birth death (WVSOM). It is a process, NOT an entity
What percentage of a GENERALIST physician's diagnosis should be taught in training?:
90%!!! ---met best by family practice, IM, and peds (not so much by ER and gyn)
Family practice
a medical SPECILTY based on the discipline of Family medicine**
Are peds and internal med specilaites?
yes, of their respective disciplines
Family physicians
physican who specialze in family practice
a particular occupation or branch of learning
one who devotes themselves to a special occupation or branch of learning**
What is a pediatrician?
Physician who specializes in Pediatrics
What is an Internists?
Physician who sepcializes in Internal medicine
a household, a group of people under one roof, a group of people with common ancestry (Webster); a significant group of intimates with a history and a future (Vandervoort & Rosom(
4 Carmicheal definitions of family:
1. affinity-join by interpersonal bonds
2. intimacy-vulnerabilty
3.reciprocity-sharing b/n members
4. continuity-expectation that relationship will continue
The three diferent levels of care that apply to the scope of responsibilty and explain the first one
1. informational level-just have the info on the patient
2. longitudinal
3. interpersonal
What is the longitudinal level of care?
Where each patient has a group of providers--like RBC clinic seeing a dif person each time
What is the interpersonal level of care?
when you see the same person all the time, reduces redudency but overall is harder to do
What three things vary to the scope of practice?
community needs, patients needs, and physicain's trainig which is very to learn for redsecey
**What volume of patients are necessary to see to make a living?
1500-3000 pats/physicain
*So, the number one issue when looking for a new job should be volume..what two categories does that involve?
The types of visits (such as office, hospital, nursing home) and number of weekly visits** (reveiw numbers befoehand so you make mool-lah)
out of 1000 in need of attention, how many will see a PCP and how many will be hospitalized?
100-see a pcp; 8 will be hospitalized
Who has the most visits in number of thousands?
Famliy physician, but a pediatrician will see more than any other specilaty ** (check slides 28-34 in ppwt)
What is the trend in pracitice ownership?
trend is more twoard group practices and less toward solo practices...
What percentage of DO to MD are in primary care in WV?
70% are in PC, and 30% of MD in PC
overall the status of physician supply?
about even, 2010 same amt of doctors as 2000, the demand for physicians parallels economic and population growth
As income goes up, what happens to family practice?
it goes down, and specialists go up.
Osteopathic family physician
a physician whose training and experience qualify him/her to practice in fields of medicine and surgery and to accept the continuing responsibility of the patient and /or the family as a whole.