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benign thyroid neoplasm characterized by complete fibrous encapsulation
enlargement of the lymph nodes
anaplastic carcinoma
rare, undifferentiated carcinoma occuring in middle age
branchial cleft cyst
remnant of embryonic development that appears as a cyst in the neck
de Quervain's thyroiditis
viral infection of the thyroid that causes inflammation
cystic hygroma
cystic neck mass caused by malformations of the cervical thoracic lymphatic system
diffuse nontoxic goiter
occurs as a compensatory enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting from thyroid hormone deficiency
follicular carcinoma
occurs as a solitary malignant mass within the thyroid gland
enlargement of the thyroid gland that can be focal or diffuse; multiple nodules may be present
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland caused by the formation of antibodies against normal thyroid tissue
Grave's disease
autoimmune disorder of diffuse toxic goiter characterized by bulging eyes
disorder associated with elevated serum calcium level, usually caused by a benign parathyroid adenoma
medullary carcinoma
neoplastic growth that accounts for 10% of thryoid malignancies
multinodular goiter
nodular enlargement of the thyroid associated with hyperthyroidism
nodular hyperplasia
degenerative nodules within the thyroid
papillary carcinoma
most common form of thyroid malignancy
parathyroid hyperplasia
enlargement of the multiple parathyroid glands
primary hyperparathyroidism
oversecretion of parathyroid hormone, usually from a parathyroid adenoma
secondary hyperparathyroidism
enlargement of the parathyroid glands in patients with renal failure or vitamin D deficiency
inflammation of the thyroid
thyroglossal duct cyst
congenital anomalies that present in midline of the neck anterior to the trachea