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Docudrama is based on what?
Based on conflict, uses an event or historical moment, and uses archival material pertaining to that event.
What is ethnographic theatre?
It examines human culture or subcultures (like the Laramie community), includes fieldwork and interviews, and creates dialogue drawn from actual words.
What are the goals of both docudrama and ethnographic theatre?
to provoke thought, present study of people and their culture, and to inform.
Tectonic Theatre Project =
founded in 1991
Moises Kauffman
Jeffry LaHoste
The Laramie Project
Judith Butler said =
gender is socially constructed
sex is biological
What are markers of gender?
characteristics that a culture defines as masculine or feminine
What is the locus of identity?
In the US, one's sexual orientation is central to one's cultural identity.
Bruce Smith said =
Sex is the biochemical urge experienced by all people.
Sexuality is the cultural expression of that urge.
What is eroticism?
Desire--arousing that desire of sexual love or expression
What was "Living Newspaper?"
Plays written from clipped articles from newspapers about current events--intended to inform audiences

Branch of Federal Theatre Project