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What is the name for a government ruled by a king?
What is the name for a government ruled by a president?
What is the name for a government ruled by one person who took over a country
We live in a______________?
England is an example of a_______?
The Legislative Branch_________the laws.
Makes the laws
The Executive Branch__________the laws.
Executes or carries out the laws.
The Judicial Branch_______the laws.
Interprets the laws
The _______________is the head of the United States Executive Branch.
President- George W. Bush
The United States Legislative Branch is made up of the______________ and the__________________.
Senate and House of Representatives
The National Judicial Branch contains the
Supreme (Court) Head is John Roberts
The New York State Executive Branch is headed by the________________.
The New York State Legislative Branch is made up of the ______________and ______________.
Senate and the Assembly.
The New York State Judical Branch contains the__________________.
Court of Appeals.
When a bill is written it begins in the_________________.
House of Representatives for National Laws and Assembly for New York State Laws.
Each state has____________National Senators.
In the House of Representatives, representation is based on ___________.
New York State was orginally called....
New Amsterdam.
The stars on the flag represent....
The Fifty States.
The stripes on the flag represent---
The 13 Original Colonies.
Which came first- The Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?
The Declaration of Independence.
What document protects the rights of individuals?
The Bill of Rights. Part of the Constitution.
The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution are known as the_____.
Bill of Rights
We celebrate the signing of what Document on July 4th
The Declaration of Independence.
In Economics, Corn, XBox, Milk are all know as_________.
Do teachers provide goods or services?
Teachers provide services.
Farmers provide_____________.
If you sell a candy bar for $.75 and it only cost you $.50 to buy it yourself. The difference is known as your_________.
A group's traditions and holidays are known as its_________.
Water, Coal, Oil are all known as _________.
Natural Resources.