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Which fibers do pelvic splanchnic nerves carry
Preganglionic parasympathetic from S2, 3, 4
The inferior mesenteric plexus provides autonomic innervation to
Descending colon
Most of the visceral afferent fibers innervating thoracic organs travel with
sympatheric nerves
Posterior wall of rectus sheath has
Arcuate line
Rectus sheath contains
Inferior and superior epigastric vessels
Dorsal rami of lower 6 thoracic nerves
Spermatic cord contains
Pimpiniform plexus
testicular artery
sympathetic nerve fibers
Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery supplies
pancreas and duodenum
The lower nine posterior intercostal arteries arise from
descending aorta
A 21 year old man receives a penetrating knife wound in the abdomen which damages the superior mesenteric artery. Which portions of the colon may suffer ischemia as a result of this injury?
Ascending and transverse
The celiac artery is a derivative of the embryonic
Vitelline arteries
AV node is located
Interatrial septum near opening of coronary sinus
The inflow and outflow tracts of the left ventricle are separated by
anterior cusp of mitral valve
The anterior papillary muscle of the right ventricle receives a large portion of which artery?
Right bundle branch
the outflow tract of the right ventricle.
Conus arteriosus
A surgeon dissecting the left principal bronchus may locate the structure by appreciating that it
Lies in the concavity of the arch of the aorta
The right testicular vein empties into
The descending colon is supplied by which arteries
Sigmoidal + left colic
SMA and celiac artery anastomose by way of
pancreaticoduodenal arteries
pericardial sac may become filled with blood and interfere with the hearts action (cardiac tamponade). To remove the blood, a syringe needle can safely be passed into the pericardial sac without entering the pleural cavity
immediately to the left of the sternum in the fifth intercostal space
sternocostal surface of the heart is primarily
right ventricle
Anterior vagal trunk is mostly fibers of
Left vagus nerve
Phrenic nerve descends... in relation to root of lung
Upon inhalation diaphragm
Branches of intercostal nerve
All are cutaneous
Does inercostal nerve carry parasympathetic fibers
With the patient in the standing position, fluid in the right pleural cavity tends to gravitate down to the
Costodiaphragmatic recess
A 22 year old male patient is brought into the emergency room having been stabbed in the chest . The knife passed through the left fifth intercostal space just lateral to the sternum. The structure most likely to be injured is the
Pericardial sac
A barium swallow shows your patient’s midesophagus to be compressed by a structure anterior to it. The most likely structure to cause this is the
left atrium
In severe coarctation of the aorta, reversal of blood flow will be observed in the
Lower posterior intercostal arteries
Sternal angle is landmark for
Beginning of arch of aorta
Division of superior and inferior mediastinum
Second rib
A stab wound that nicks the anterior surface of the heart could injure the
cardiac vein
A 44 year old male patient has had a severe cough and hoarseness for about one month. Examination revels that the left side of the larynx is paralyzed. He might have
aneurysm of arch of aorta
the ligamentum arteriosum is the remnant of the fetal
ductus arteriosus that shunted blood from the left pulmonary artery to the aorta
A 49 year old male patient has a perforated gastric ulcer on the posterior wall of the stomach. Which is most likely to be injured as a result?
Splenic artery
A 21 year old male is undergoing emergency surgery following an abdominal stab wound where serious internal hemorrhaging was indicated. Initial surgical inspection shows that there is a lesion along the greater curvature of the stomach. The most likely source of the hemorrhage in this region would be the
Gastroepiploic arteries
A surgeon may wish to mobilize the duodenojejunal flexure. The surgeon would have to sever the:
ligament of Treitz
Where does common bile duct enter duodenum
middle of 2nd portion
A 40 year old male patient has an ulcerative lesion of the posterior wall of the first segment of the duodenum. Severe internal hemorrhaging is indicated. The artery most likely involved is the:
55 year old male has a malignant tumor of the scrotum. It would be expected that malignant cells would initially spread from the primary site to the:
superficial inguinal nodes
A 49 year old woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of the lymph from the cancerous breast drains first into the:
pectoral nodes
About 75% of the lymph in the breast drains upward to the axillary (mostly pectoral) nodes and the supraclavicular and infraclavicular nodes. Most of the remaining lymph drains to the parasternal(internal thoracic) nodes. Some lymph drains to the upper abdominal nodes and some drains to the opposite breast.