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What is the only significant muscle of the manus in veterinary medicine and why?
Interosseous m., because of importance in horse
What is the direct continuation of the subclavian artery around the 1st rib to the thoracic limb?
Axillary a.
List the main blood vessels suppling the thoracic limb.
Axillary, brachial, median, digital aa
Where are most of the vessels and nerves of the arm? Why?
medial side of the arm, protection
List the main arteries to the forelimb and their location.
Subclavian (to cranial side of the rib), axillary (in axilla), subscapular (along caudal scapula), brachial (in arm), common interoseous ( last branch of brachial), median (in forearm), digitals (in paw)
Into what parts can the venous system of the forelimb be divided?
Deep and superficial veins
Where are the deep veins and how are they named?
Parallel arteries and assume same name
What are the locations of the cephalic and accessory cephalic veins of the manus; where do they join and continue as the cephalic vein?
Cephalic palmar paw; accessory cephalic dorsal paw; meet at above carpus
What main thoracic limb veins returns blood towards the heart?
Cephalic and axillary vv.
Where is the axillary lymph node located?
In axilla, caudal to axillary v.
What are the 2 parts of the central nervous system (CNS)?
Brain and Spinal cord
What are the parts of the peripheral nervous system?
Cranial and spinal nerves & ganglia
How is the nervous system organized segmentally?
Spinal & cranial nn. & segments of CNS from which they arise
What are the 2 impulses of the nervous system?
Sensory (afferent) or motor (efferent)
What are the 2 types of neurons of the somatic motor nervous system?
UMN (upper motor neurons)& LMN (lower motor neurons)
What are carried in the ascending and descending tracts of the spinal cord?
Ascending: sensory; Desc: motor
Functionally what does the somatic nervous system do?
Conscious voluntary motor form & sensory to CNS to skeletal muscles
Which functional division of the NS keep the body in balance with its external and internal environment respectively?
External: somatic
Internal: autonomic (ANS)
How does the autonomic nervous system (ANS) work?
Carries involuntary motor to and sensory from CNS to smooth and cardiac m., & glands
What are aggregations of nerve cell bodies in the CNS? PNS?
CNS:nucleus; PNS:ganglion
What is grey matter?
Part of nervous tissue consisting of neuronal cell bodies
What is white matter?
Part of the nervous tissue consisting mainly of myelinated nerve fibers
What is a nerve?
A bundle of nerve processes outside the CNS.
What are nerve tracts or fasciculi?
Nerve fiber bundles of common origin in the brain & spinal cord
Where do the spinal nerves leave the vertebral column?
Intervertebral foramen
What arises from the spinal cord to form a spinal nerve?
Dorsal and ventral roots
What type of nerve fibers pass through dorsal and ventral roots?
Dorsal:sensory, Ventral:motor